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An Integrated Approach to Manufacturing

Final manufacturing production can be the trickiest part of creating your product. If you have complete specifications and you’re ready to move into the production production phase, we are ready to get started. If not, we can help with both design or prototyping in order to prepare you for production maufacturing.

Simply contact us and tell us more about your project. Send us the important documents, specs, and files, and we’ll get started.A prototype needs to be affordable, get to you quickly, and be high-quality.

What does it take?

Most companies have one or two specific areas they focus on, which leaves you piecing together manufacturers to reach the final goal. Generally speaking this is a very inefficient way to go about manufacuturing a product that consists of many different types of components due to the multitude of suppliers that must be coordinated. We try to alleviate some of those difficulties through our wide range of production services:

  • Machining: Milling and Turning of Various Materials
  • Mig and Tig welding
  • Finishing: Paint, Powder, or Anodizing
  • Control Panel Cutouts for HMIs, Controls and Conduit
  • Cabinet Mounting Panel Fabrication and Component Installation
  • Industrial Controls Wiring Meet or Exceed UL Standards
  • Automatic Stencil Printing, Pick & Place and Reflow of SMT Components
  • Wave Soldering of Through Hole Components
  • Manual Soldering of Difficult or Sensitive Components
  • Production Software Programming
  • Final Assembly and Inspection
  • Batch or Full Coverage Functional Testing
  • Post Production Support and Warranties

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Putting it All Together

When you choose Maveric, you get professional production parts and assemblies delivered to your facility. We are one of the best full-service shops near Kansas City that can handle design, prototyping, and production equally well.

It’s all thanks to our in-house engineers and manufacturing team. You tell us what you want and how many, and you’ll receive them in no time at all at an affordable price. We’re here to help your operation. We want you to beat your competition and deliver the best solutions to the market.

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