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We can help you take the first steps and get you ready for Prototyping

It Starts with a Plan...

You can come to us with just an idea, a sketch on a napkin, or a half-finished CAD drawing. Whatever part of the process you’re on, we can pick it up and run with the project.

After an initial conversation, our team gets to work. We have electrical, mechanical, and software engineers in-house to complete the process. Our expertise covers a wide range of services, industries, applications, and projects. We carefully document the process. Why does this matter? It ensures you get repeatable results and we don’t make any mistakes down the line. The goal is to create a complete package of mechanical, electrical, and PCB specifications.

Our team has been in the manufacturing industry for decades, so we know a thing or two. Our designs look to save you money while delivering the best results.

Since we do everything in-house, you don’t have to worry about poor quality when it comes to the prototype. We’re not offshoring your project to the lowest bidder. Contact us to get started.

What Can Maveric Do?

When you have a team like ours, you can tackle a lot of different projects.

  • Concept Drawings and Specifications
  • Completed mechanical CAD drawings
  • Manufacturing drawings
  • PCB schematics, layouts and manufacturing files
  • Control panel schematics and layouts
  • Embedded, industrial control and user interface software
  • Backend management systems for connected devices

The bottom line? Our designers will create a producible product based on your requests. Our project manager will ensure the team works cohesively and you get updates along the way.

The Tools We Use

We use a range of software to expedite the process.

  • Mechanical CAD: Solidworks, Fusion 360
  • Machining Code Generation: HSMWorks, Fusion 360
  • Finite Element Analysis: Solidworks Simulation
  • Electronics, Schematic Capture, PCB Layout & Gerber File Generation: Autodesk Eagle, KiCAD EDA
  • Embedded Softwaret: Microchip MPLAB X, Ti Code Composer Studio, ST Visual develop
  • Backend Software (Python, Go, C++): Visual Studio / VS Code
  • Project Managment & Documentation: GIT, Project Libre, Trello, Github, MS Office, Libre Office,

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What You Get

We can create any documentation and drawings required for full-scale production runs. This is the case whether or not you choose us for the prototyping and production phases of your product. We ensure that drawings are complete so you can get reliable and repeatable manufacturing of your product. We have experts in-house that ensure the mechanical plans are feasible. Our electrical and software Subject Matter Experts will review any schematics, layouts or programs before moving on to the prototyping stage.

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